"BELTSVILLE SHELL  ... Read the first sentence of any chapter and the reader is hooked, the people are real, the details bring it to life, writing is smooth, the ironic conclusion is poignant.  You are an historian and sociologist, your analysis of the 1950s generation (and lasting until 1970) is genuinely profound.  The tone is always right – good humored, serious but light-hearted, intelligent, ironic.  A time and place comes to life."

—Professor George H. Callcott, History Department, University of Maryland


"About five minutes ago I finished reading BELTSVILLE SHELL ... I do an enormous amount of reading and I am rarely moved.  Right now, right at this moment, I am moved.  This thing that we do, this relationship with cars, our cars, runs so deep in us that it lasts a lifetime.  What are you doing now that you were doing as a teen-ager?  What interests did you have as a young man that is as strong or stronger today as back then?  This car thing can really get a grip on you.  I wanted to send this note of thanks for sending me back over thirty years to such a wonderfully rich time in our lives.”

—Pete La Barbera, Owner, The Rod Shop


"The Board of Directors of the Prince George’s County Historical Society sincerely appreciates the contribution of your book, BELTSVILLE SHELL: You Are What You Drive to the Frederick S. DeMarr Library of County History.  This book fills a niche of social history that is all too easily forgotten.  Gifts such as these help the Society continue its mission of fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich culture and history of our county."

—Sarah Bourne, Prince George’s County Historical Society


"BELTSVILLE SHELL is ... warm and gentle, raucous and rowdy remembrance of that brief period when muscle cars ruled, when a high school kid could actually afford to buy a few years old Corvette, and ... should unleash a flood of memories for anyone who grew up in the '60s and early '70s."

—Bob Wallace, Editor, VETTE Magazine, a Primedia Publication
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"Beltsville Shell is the story of ... friends, all drawn to working on their cars, in many cases Chevy Corvettes, to improve performance and appearance. It drew them into close and enduring friendships. ... The book is a tribute to Beltsville and a tribute to true friends."

—Ted Ladd, The Beltsville News
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"BELTSVILLE SHELL is ... a tribute to a time in history when teenage boys loved nothing more than their American-made muscle cars and hanging out together at the local gas station. The book includes hair-raising stories about drag racing, out running the police and dating girls."

—Meghan Mullen, Staff Writer, Gazette
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