Beltsville Shell: You Are What You Drive recounts the height of the muscle car era from 1965 to 1970 through the escapades of an over-the-top bunch of baby boomer gear-heads from a small town outside the Capital Beltway. It was a time when the car you drove said everything about who you were. Relive the memories of your first car, street racing, cruising to the burger joint, the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean and the Beatles, going off to college and the phenomenon of Woodstock through these true stories told with wit and charm.

"You are never too old to enjoy a happy childhood."
-Darryl Richards

"The first time I rode in a Corvette, I thought the trunk was full of exploding dynamite." -Rocky Chernow

"The only reason they put rear view mirrors on cars is so you can watch for cops." -Charlie Hopkins

"Brakes are for sissies." -Jeff Hughes


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